Call for Proposals: Materials Development

SEALC invites proposals for collaboratively developed teaching materials that will impact a language group’s curricular resources. The purpose of this award is to offer an opportunity for instructors to implement the pedagogical training they have received to improve the curriculum. SEALC requests proposals for small projects that can be completed within a period of 6-9 months. For example, a group might develop 5 oral proficiency lessons at the advanced level. To enrich our small field, the high-quality materials developed with this funding will be open-access and shared with the SE Asian language teaching community via the SEALC website.

Each proposal should include the following sections:

  1. An outline of the pedagogical framework to be used. See the suggested templates here: Materials Development Template Samples.
  2. A list of colleagues collaborating on this project along with a description of the relevant training each member brings to the proposed project. The training should relate to the pedagogical framework that is used for these materials. Finally, describe the roles (tasks) of each collaborator.
  3. A timeline for completion, including a detailed description of the benchmarks. In order to ensure that the materials are of high quality, SEALC requires that drafts of lessons are submitted for review. There will be final review prior to publishing the materials on the SEALC website.
  4. A description of project deliverables. Briefly describe the need for these materials in your language curriculum. Describe the lesson template that you will be using and how many lessons you will be developing. Lesson materials must be digitized and legally available to be published online.

Amount of the Award
SEALC will offer up to $1500 per group, according to the scope of the project. A typical project may consist of 5-6 lessons developed by a group of 2-3 colleagues. The project will entail the development, review, and revision of the set of lessons.

Eligibility and Proposal Submission
Applicants must be instructors of Southeast Asian languages and active members of COTSEAL. At least one applicant per group must have received training from a SEALC and/or COTSEAL professional development workshop. Proposals will be accepted for review by the selection committee twice annually, on May 15 and October 15. Please email all required materials in one document (.docx format preferred) to Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision within one month of submitting.