Find the Burmese Oral Proficiency Guidelines here.

Role-play cards and models of OPI elicitation progressions are also available upon request to Burmese instructors who are conducting oral proficiency assessment. As assessment tools, these materials are for instructors only and not to be used for classroom instruction or circulated among students. By requesting these materials, the instructor is agreeing to maintain the security of these materials and thus the long-term value and accuracy of the assessment tools. To request access to these materials, email sealc@intl.wisc.edu, stating your institutional affiliation and the levels of instruction that you are assessing.

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The following reading lesson designs, based on published authentic source texts, were developed, revised, and submitted by the listed authors. You are welcome to use the lesson designs under the terms of the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (BY-NC-SA).

Please note that the files may contain specific portions designed for students and other portions directed at teachers. Levels of lessons correspond to the ACTFL Proficiency Descriptors for Interpretive Mode.


Authors: Chan Lwin, Maw Maw Tun, and Ye Min Tun

  • for Intermediate Mid Burmese: ကသာမြို့ရှိ ကမ္ဘာကျော်စာရေးဆရာကြီး George Orwell ရဲဝန်ထောက်ဘဝကနေထိုင်ခဲ့သည့်အိမ်ကိုပြတိုက်အဖြစ် စတင်ခင်းကျင်းနေ
    George Orwell’s House
  • for Advanced Low Burmese: လော်စပီကာရာသီ Loudspeaker Season