Publication Workshop

2-day Publication Workshop

Where: Virtually hosted via Zoom

When: May 14-15, 2021

What: The goal of this workshop is to support Southeast Asian language instructors who are interested in submitting their work to academic journals but have little to no prior experience in publishing academically. Skills acquired as a result of workshop participation included (a) recognition of the importance of publication as a part of overall process of professional development, (b) an enhanced understanding of the publication process itself, and (c) a heightened awareness of the factors required for successful publication in the field.

Donna M. Brinton, event trainer, author, and private educational consultant, pauses for a photo before the second session of the Publication Workshop.

Instructors received training from Donna M. Brinton. Following a long career as a university lecturer in Applied Linguistics, Donna Brinton now works as an author and private educational consultant. Her areas of special interest and expertise include general TESOL methodology, materials and curriculum design, English for Specific Purposes, Content-Based Instruction, and the teaching of pronunciation. She has an impressive array of publications, including student English as a Second Language texts, single- and co-authored articles in refereed journals, solicited articles in journals and edited volumes, and co-authored and co-edited teacher training volumes. Some of her best-known book-length publications are Content-Based Second Language Instruction, The Content-Based Classroom, Content-Based Instruction: What Every ESL Teacher Should Know, New Ways in Content-Based Teaching Pronunciation, The Linguistic Structure of Modern English, and Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language. Donna is currently working on several teacher education projects in North Africa as part of a team from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Webinar #1 – The Role of Publication in Teacher Professional Development
This webinar focused on the importance of publication as part of the overall process of professional development. Participants gained an enhanced understanding of the publication process, beginning with manuscript conception and continuing through determination of relevant journals, submission to the editor, responding to reviewer comments, and submission of the revised publication. Primary focus was on the factors required for successful publication in the field of language teaching.

Webinar #2 – Enhancing Your Chances of Getting Your Research Published   

Attendees at the virtual SEALC Publication Workshop (May 14-15, 2021).

This webinar focused on how participants can enhance their chances of getting published. Included was a discussion of the various options for submissions (e.g., materials review, literature review, research report), relevant research options (e.g., case study, classroom research, action research), citation requirements and citation resources, issues of academic integrity, and tips for manuscript preparation. Primary focus was on adhering to standards expected for publication in the field of language teaching.

Participating instructors submitted one of the following after the workshop, to reflect on their learning and future academic publishing goals:

  1. A one-page reflection on how the workshop has impacted their publishing goals and where they plan on publishing
  2. A draft abstract for an article
  3. A proposal for a panel presentation at a national conference.

Click here to read several participant reflections on the Publication workshop, posted to the SEALC website.