FREE Advanced Online Teaching Courses for LCTL Instructors

Application Deadline: Friday, May 14, 2021 (only a CV and cover letter required). Click here to learn more about these courses and to apply.

As part of the LCTL and Indigenous Languages Partnership’s continued commitment to supporting LCTL instruction, we are happy to announce a call for applications for our Advanced Online Language Teaching (OLT) courses, open to all LCTL and Indigenous language instructors, with preference given to instructors within the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA)!

Our original effort in this area, an online course called Fundamentals of Online Language Teaching, was very well received and came at a timely moment for LCTL instructors. Over 40 BTAA LCTL instructors participated in this course over the course of three years. Given the unique needs of LCTL instructors at this time, we decided to increase the level of support in this area by offering LCTL instructors free access to three advanced OLT courses. Alumni of our Fundamentals course are encouraged to apply.

Courses Offered

Post-Pandemic Language Teaching
Process your remote teaching experiences during the pandemic, identify those technology-enabled practices having the most transformative potential, and design an intentional “new normal” for what language instruction might look like in the near future. Sessions start: June 1st and June 28th

Oral Communicative Tasks
Engage in best practices for designing and facilitating synchronous and asynchronous oral communicative tasks for both presentational and interpersonal modes of instruction. Design scaffolded task progressions in order to meet all your language objectives in rigorous fashion. Session starts: June 28th

Creating Engaging Materials
Develop in-depth expertise for developing engaging online materials. Build a portfolio of 3-6 sets of materials in a variety of domains of your choice (vocabulary or grammar, reading or listening, and culture or pragmatics) for use in your online or hybrid courses. Session starts: June 1st