Project-based Learning Workshop

2-day Project-based Learning (PBL) workshop

Where: University of California-LA


Who: instructors of Southeast Asian Language

What: This workshop will introduce the principles and practices of PBL to participants and will support the development of instructional materials that can be incorporated into the curricula of Southeast Asian language classes.

  • Prior to the workshop, participants will be required to complete a four-hour, online flipped course, designed to impart the principles and tools of PBL as well as show exemplary models of this approach.
  • The two-day workshop will build procedural knowledge – i.e. how to instantiate this approach in the classroom. Participants will learn how to select project topics and materials, how to structure the creation of products for students at different levels of proficiency, and how to assess learning.
  • The goal of this workshop is for all participants to create a module that can be included in a bank of materials to be shared with other teachers.
  • Following the workshop, SEALC will provide support and peer review of the deliverables prior to posting the modules online.