Call for Self-Nominations: SEALC Liaisons 2023-2024

Call for Self-Nominations: SEALC Liaisons

Deadline: September 15, 2023

The Southeast Asian Language Council (SEALC) invites nominations for two SEA language instructors to serve as liaisons on the SEALC Steering Committee. The goal of these volunteer positions is to inform and enrich discussions on and planning for SEALC activities via increased SEA language instructor representation on the Committee, as well as to provide additional opportunities for instructors to serve on professional committees at the national level.


SEALC liaisons will attend monthly SEALC Steering Committee meetings as non-voting members and assist in the work of the SEALC committee. The term for SEALC liaisons is one calendar year from the date they are elected.


Applicants must be Southeast Asian language instructors and active members of COTSEAL. To learn more about COTSEAL and to apply for membership, click here.

At this time, Indonesian language instructors are not invited to apply. This is to address the current overrepresentation of Indonesian language instructors on the SEALC Steering Committee.

Nomination Procedure and Election

Instructors are asked to self-nominate by submitting a brief bio. Nominations will be accepted through end of day September 15, 2023.  The SEALC Steering committee will inform the selected nominees by October 1, 2023.   Thank you in advance for your willingness to collaborate as we all work to build the field of SEA language teaching.

To submit your self-nomination, please send the following to

  1. Nominee Information
  2. First and last name
  3. Institution
  4. SE Asian language(s) that you teach
  5. Email address
  6. Please write a short bio introducing yourself and explaining why you are nominating yourself for the position of SEALC liaison (200 words maximum)

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about this opportunity, via email to