Call for Proposals: Edited Volume on Language Program Vitality in the U.S. (Michigan State University)

Center for Language Teaching Advancement
Michigan State University

Submission Deadline: November 1, 2021

This book will document and address root causes of declining enrollments seen in language programs at U.S. institutions of higher education over previous decades. It will identify obstacles created by programs and institutions that discourage students from either initially exploring or continuing with language study, challenge long-held beliefs about language program structures, as well as promote opportunities for language programs to address these obstacles and innovate in the field.

While this volume is focused on all language programs – not just LCTLs, we thought that our SLCTLS colleagues would have unique perspectives to contribute to this volume, especially considering some of the exciting initiatives we have heard at SLCTLS in previous years. The volume is being developed in conversation with Springer for the Educational Linguistics book series.

There are several opportunities for participation in this volume, including full chapters and also “thumbnail sketches,” which are vignettes or ideas for future innovation. For the full announcement, including recommended topics and details on how to submit, click here.